Common Questions

We get so many questions, and often times they overlap, so here are some answers. If you have a question that isn’t listed, feel free to ask!

  • “Why did you choose to adopt if you can already have your ‘own’ kids?”

    • Here’s the thing, all my kids are my “own” kids. BUT YES, I do understand what you are trying to ask. Yes, I can biologically have kids. However, Matt and I were always meant to be Tyce’s parents. We always knew that there was a baby out there that we were meant to find. In the end, he found us.
  • Did you know you could biologically have kids?

    • Yep! A lot of people assume that we were in the middle of the adoption process and then miraculously became pregnant with Tae. However, we started the adoption process when I was a little over 20 weeks pregnant.
  • Are they twins?

    • This one is my favorite. Nope, they are not twins! But we like to call them our little Wonder Twins. They do qualify as Irish Twins (which is when siblings are under a year apart).
  • Where is Tyce from?

    • Ty is Marshallese. If you don’t know what that is, his ancestry is from the Marshall Islands. If you don’t know where that is, it is between Australia and New Zealand. He is a Pacific Islander, but not Polynesian. He is Micronesian. BUT he was born in Arkansas.
  • So they are three months apart? How did that work?

    • Adoption is a beautiful thing!
  • Do you know his “real” parents?

    • This one gets me every time. Duh! Matt and I are his “real” parents! We also know his birth parents. They are two amazing people! We have the biggest blessing of being in contact with them and his biological siblings. Basically, we didn’t just gain Tyce, we gained a whole family.
  • Are you going to put them in the same grade?

    • Probably not. Their birthdays split summer (June and September), so it makes it kind of hard to figure out how to have them in the same grade. We also think it will be helpful for them to each have their own identity.
  • Do you breastfeed both of them?

    • Heck yes I do! What a fun blessing is that?! It was such a neat experience being in the NICU with Tyce and his birth mom. I asked her permission when we got there, and she was all for it! If you read Our Story, I have more details about how I started pumping and storing milk as soon as I had Tae, because we had a feeling that we had our little T- Man coming.
  • Do Tae and Ty get a long?

    • They are ADORABLE together. They often hold hands and try and be as close to each other as they can. But, let’s be honest, they are brother and sister so of course they have their moments.
  • Do they sleep in the same room?

    • They do indeed. I won’t lie, it is a little crowded. Sometimes they will talk to each other, and its the cutest thing to listen to.
  • Is it hard to have two babies?

    • Of course it has its challenging moments. I will say, I love their age difference. Taelynn was independent enough by the time Tyce came along that it made it very helpful. I am more terrified for when they are both mobile.
  • Are we planning on having more kids or adopting more kids?

    • Wouldn’t you like to know 😉