Our Story

We get a lot of questions about why we went through our adoption journey. So, for those of you still wondering, here is our story.

I have wanted to adopt since I was in elementary school. My Uncle Ryan told my parents of some children that needed a family and I overheard. From that moment, I knew in my young brain and heart that I had some future children that would come to me through another mother. I started an adoption fund when I started college, and I would put some of my pay-check aside so that I could be more prepared when my time came to adopt. When I met Matt and we started talking about getting married, I made sure he was on board. He loved the idea as well. We have always been very open about it when people would ask how many kids we wanted to have. I also always wanted to adopt my second child and another one down the road.

I found out I was pregnant with Taelynn in September of 2014. Matt and I were SOOOO excited. As we were planning for our little family, I kept having a feeling that I needed to contact my friend Carly. She has adopted her four children and I have always been inspired by her story. BUT I kept putting the feeling aside because I didn’t think we were going to adopt yet. We were just starting to prepare for Taelynn. The feeling kept coming back and I would push it aside. Then the dreams started. I kept seeing a little girl with light brown hair and a little boy with black hair that were running around together. At this point, we didn’t know the gender of Taelynn. So I was thinking maybe I was pregnant with twins. When my family started guessing the gender, my mom and brother, Camden, told me they kept having dreams about a little boy with dark hair as well. Camden said in his dream I was holding a little boy and little girl. January came along and we went in for our 20 week ultrasound to find out to our joy we were pregnant with a little girl! Our Taelynn Fedelina Bosen! But it was an interesting experience, because I half expected the technician to tell me we were having twins.

Not too long after this, Matts parents came to stay with us in Provo. While they were there, they approached us to tell us about one of Matt’s really good childhood friends that was pregnant. They asked us if the situation was right, would Matt and I be willing to adopt this other baby. Her due date was a month after Taelynn would be born. Immediately, Matt and I said YES in unison. It took his parents by surprise, I think, because they were expecting us to need more time to think about it. BUT it felt so right and all of a sudden something clicked in my brain, and I remembered all the impressions that I had had to contact Carly for more information about adoption. Matts friend hadn’t even decided if she was going to place her baby, let alone if she was going to place the baby with us, BUT we knew we needed to start moving forward. Matt and I went to the temple to pray about everything just to make sure our impressions were real. It was a very spiritual experience, and both of us knew we needed to move forward with the adoption process. That was Matt’s first impression that we had a little boy somewhere.

I immediately called Carly and we planned a little play date. I was able to spend the day with her and her cute family and just soak up all the information I could about the adoption process. Carly put me in touch with someone to do our home study and we started the process right away.  We wanted to be ready for whatever was going to happen. The whole process went so smoothly. We couldn’t finalize our home study until Taelynn was born, so we just got all the paper work ready so that we could move quickly when the time came. One time I was at the chiropractor and someone asked me if I was having a boy or a girl and I just blurted out “Both!” I think it surprised me more than them.

I started getting ready for a baby, making the normal purchases. When it came time to buying a car seat I just automatically bought two. Then it came time to buying a crib. I got online to order one and instead ordered two. I went to pick it up at the store and they asked if I was having twins, and I just casually was like, “Sort of, I am pregnant with a girl and adopting a boy.” In my head I was thinking, “What in the world am I saying!” At this point we had no idea if we were going to be adopting Matts friends baby or if it was even a boy or girl. So here I am, telling these random strangers that I am having a boy when I had no clue!!

June came, and our beautiful Tae was born. We couldn’t have been happier. We hurried and had our home study done and basically just sat and waited. Matt’s friend had a beautiful baby girl! She chose to not place with us. BUT I will be forever grateful to her, because she is the reason we decided to begin this awesome journey.

At this point, Matt’s mom was working at the San Diego temple and met a family that was being sealed to two little babies. She asked them about their story and told them Matt and I were interested in adopting. They gave her their lawyers information and she wrote it down to give to us, but lost it. She could only remember he had  “pdp” in his name and that he was from Arizona or Arkansas. Well, google brought up nothing. After spending some time trying to see if I could find him, nothing came up. I gave up on that. Matt and I went to the temple again and both separately had the impression that we had to hurry and prepare ourselves and that we had a dark haired baby coming. I also had a feeling that I needed to search for that lawyer again. This time I posted on an adoption page asking if anyone had heard of a lawyer that had “pdp” in his name. I immediately got several responses from people that had adopted with Paul Peterson. I was so shocked I had found him! I called him up and left a message explaining how I had found him and told him about our little family. He called me back soon after, and we talked a little. He served an LDS mission in the Marshall Islands, and that is primarily where he works to match families with expectant mothers. He told me to send him a profile on my family and that he would be in touch.

A month passed, and we didn’t hear anything back. BUT that is what we were expecting. We assumed it would take several months if not years. We decided to leave it in his hands. On  Saturday, Septempter 26, Matt and I were driving, and I told him I had a feeling we would have another baby by Christmas. Matt just laughed at me. The next day, Sunday, Matt and I were sitting in class at church, and I got a phone call from Paul. I jumped up and ran out so I could answer. He asked if were still interested in adopting and I said, “YES!” He said, “Good, because I have a mother that is dilated to a 7 right now in Arkansas and is having a little boy!” I was completely shocked. I ran back into the class to get Matt and we ran outside to make sure we felt good about it. Both of us were so amazed it would happen that fast. We called our parents and told them we had our little boy AND HE HAD BLACK HAIR! We still didn’t have much information, so we were pacing back and forth at home.

The rest of the day is kind of a blur. Matt couldn’t leave right away because of work, so my dad, Taelynn and I hopped on a plane and flew to Kansas City to meet up with my Aunt Dana so we could drive down to Arkansas. Tyce was born 6 weeks early, so they transferred him to the Children’s Hospital in Little Rock. We were able to pick up Tyce’s birth parents so we could drive to Little Rock together to see Ty. On Wednesday, Matt got there in the morning just in time to meet Pamela and Jibon. His mom got there that night and stayed the next two weeks with me, because Matt had to leave on Sunday. Miracle upon miracle  happened this trip.   The NICU set aside a room so I could stay with Tyce, PLUS they got special permission to allow Taelynn to stay in there as well. Ty completely thrived in the NICU, meeting all the milestones that were set for him, and we were able to leave in less than two weeks. We then had to apply with ICPC so that Arkansas would let us leave the state and Utah would let us in. I was told to expect anywhere between 10 days and a few months. BUT again, our guardian angels were watching over us, and we were approved by both states within 2 days. It was an incredible experience, and it is glued into my memory forever!


6 thoughts on “Our Story

  1. I do not intend to be rude, but since you put yourself out here, I have a question. If the fact that some children are in need of parents is what made you interested in adoption, why did you choose infant adoption, when there is no shortage of parents for newborns?


    1. You must have read my mind because I wrote this question on my list of future blog posts. I think this is a very valuable question and so I am going to write my whole response on a separate post so I can share it with everyone. The short answer is situational preparedness. Also, I strongly believe that my son was meant to be in our family. There are so many things that have happened that I can’t deny that me and my husband were meant to be his parents, but more importantly, he was meant to be our son. I will have my full answer published by tomorrow! Thanks for the question!


  2. I am also curious. When you say your son was meant to be in your family, why wasn’t he meant to be in the family he was born into? Why was such a big mistake made as putting him in another woman’s womb?

    Thanks for explaining so I can understand.

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    1. Heather, thank you so much for your question. I have been thinking of the right way to express my feelings and intentions for several days now. I have recently learned that many adoptees and birth families find the term “meant to be” offensive, which I did not mean in the slightest! But, looking at it, I can see why this term would bring some hurt. I do not want to take away from my sons birth parents role. They are crucial. I feel like I needed them in my life, as well, because they have taught me so much. The best way I can describe it is, I believe people come into our lives for a reason. We learn, we grow, we become better because of the people we meet. I don’t believe in the slightest that it was a mistake for Tyce to be born to his birth parents. Because of our little miracle, our families were able to come together. His adoption and culture will always be part of his identity and he wouldn’t be who he is without that. I have mentioned on different parts of my blog that my family didn’t just grow by one, but by many! I cherish the relationships I have started to grow with family that I have gained because of adoption. One of the mothers of Tyce’s biological brother, that was also adopted, recently told me how excited her daughter was because she has always wanted a sister, and because I also have a daughter, she finally gets one. I love that! Tyce’s birth siblings are still just his siblings. I see the way my son and daughter interact and it is like they have always known each other. It’s amazing to watch. Basically, what I’m saying very badly, is none of this was a mistake. The term “meant to be” is a very simplified way of saying that in life nothing can be predicted. BUT, everyone involved in our adoption process has been a blessing. It doesn’t mean there hasn’t been hurt or pain. There are so many other emotions and things involved that I just can’t find words for. But I hope that gives some insight into my intent.


      1. Aubree,
        Thank you for sharing and explaining.

        I’m relieved you wrote “I don’t believe in the slightest that it was a mistake for Tyce to be born to his birth parents” and also that you recognize where there is great joy there is also grief and loss.

        I’m glad that you aren’t trying to erase his history. He will love you all the more when he understands how much you have respected him.

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