We are the Bosen’s!image1

Our two little munchkins are Taelynn and Tyce. We give Irish Twins a new definition with two kiddos that are only 3 months apart. Life is the grandest adventure and we are making sure we take full advantage.


Taelynn Fedelina is our vibrant, perfect little chica. She is so happy and such a great big sister. She will drop what she is doing if she hears Tyce crying so that she can make sure he is okay. Her favorite color is purple and she LOVES any food. She is so easy going. But there is no mistaking it, she is a mommy’s girl.

Jones, Aubree 2015-10-28-8

Tyce Mitchell Kabua is our talkative little bubby. He will talk your ear off if you let him. He eats enough for a whole herd of elephants, but definitely takes his time when it comes to trying new things. When daddy gets home he lights up! He loves blue and green and to watch his big sister crawl around.

DSC_0332 copy

We are Matt and Aubree, but let’s be honest, no one wants to hear about us when you have two perfect and adorable babies to hear about.


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